1976-2007  Ahead of Our Tyme helps build the groundwork and experiences to launch ESTROG

2012 One year of research around the world learning about and vetting Fair Trade networks to work with

2013 ESTROG is launched in October.  Two Home Market Party runs up and down the east coast brings great support and review.  Web site is launched with shopping cart engaged.  Visit to Craft Link in Vietnam. Visit to Global Bean Project in Denver.  Outdoor markets throughout Florida

2014  Two Home Market Party runs along the east coast.  Visit to Global Mamas in Ghana.  Plans to visit 8 networks in early 2015.

2015  ESTROG visits ten Fair Trade networks throughout India, Nepal and Bangladesh.Takes on first partner in market operations.  Spreads operations to New Jersey and South Florida.

ESTROG spends February in India, Nepal and Bangladesh visiting Fairtrade networks.

ESTROG spends Nov./Dec in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala visiting Fair Trade networks.

2016  ESTROG completes a east coast tour of events and Home Market Parties, helping to spread awareness and inventory.

ESTROG has committed to representing a dozen fair Trade networks as a wholesaler/sales rep.  We go out into the field seeking buyers to carry fair Trade product in their stores, shops, places of business

Fall 2016. SE Asia Trip-Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Burma

Spring/Summer 2017-ESTROG continues to broaden its scope in retail by booking events up and down the east coast. 

our history


Become a marketer of goods, a sales rep.,host a party, make a donation, support Fair Trade.  Re-use, recycle, shop local shop Fair Trade.

ESTROG invites you to join the team by becoming a marketer of Fair Trade goods or a sales rep. to help build the industry.  Inquire on contact page.

Women supporting women through trade builds esteem and a voice to nurture our planet

ESTROG strives to make connections in business as paths are developed to bring new energy.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


Mission + Vision

After 30 years in business I have discovered through travel and networking that change begins with a grassroots level of action. After visiting over 50 countries and working with the locals, I realize we all have dreams and that some of those dreams are easier to achieve just by being in the right place at the right time.  Through global communication, economies and transit we are now able to help globally.



No need is too small or voice too quiet to be heard. .