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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What is Fair Trade?
Fair trade, defined simply, is when producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work, by companies in developed countries. It's when the price we pay for products gives enough to producers for them to afford life's essentials - like food, education and healthcare

 02  Why Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first.

We at Fair Trade USA® believe that everyone wants to do what’s right – for their families, fellow global citizens, and the planet. That’s why we’re committed to making the right choices the most obvious ones. Based on the simple idea that the products bought and sold every day are connected to the livelihoods of others, fair trade is a way to make a conscious choice for a better world. A choice for Fair Trade Certified™ goods is a choice to support responsible companies, empower farmers, workers, and fishermen, and protect the environment. In other words, it’s a world-changing way of doing business.

 03  How Does Fair Trade work?
Fairtrade is trading between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries. Fair prices are paid to the producers, and companies are able to provide workers with a stable income that can improve their lives.

 04  What are the Fair Trade principles?  
  • Principle One: Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers

  • Principle Two: Transparency and Accountability

  • Principle Three: Fair Trading Practices

  • Principle Four:   Payment of a Fair Price

  • Principle Five:  Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor

  • Principle Six:  Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association

  • Principle Seven:  Ensuring Good Working Conditions

  • Principle Eight:  Providing Capacity Building

  • Principle Nine:  Promoting Fair Trade

  • Principle Ten: Respect for the Environment

 05  Fair Trade Standards
.Our Standards are a blend of social, economic and environmental criteria that support the sustainable development of small producer organizations and agricultural workers in the Global South.

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