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Travel to Grain of Rice Project, Kibera, Kenya

Late January, 2020, I visited the Grain of Rice project in Kibera Kenya. This is the second largest slum in the world. I have been to the slums of S. Africa, Guatemala City, Mumbai...all across India and Bangladesh. I had little concern because i had communicated with the founder, Amy, and she had her driver Bonface pick me up. The day was filled with meeting people, site seeing (a little) confirming partnership and placing orders. I loved to see the happiness among all of the citizens who were deep in their faith, kind and hospitable. I was able to witness the beading, rag bowl making and community. I look forward to my return. In the meantime, their Tabu Rag Bowls and Hot Plates are best sellers along with their Mother/Daughter aprons. All are made with such bright African colors.

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